[WR101 Prompt Series] Fictional Fridays' – Prompt #6

This week the theme is based on dialogue, so each day I will post the opening line and all you need to do is continue from there. It’s a dialogue only prompt, which can be challenging, but also a lot of fun.

So, your opener for Friday is:

“Welcome back, Captain.”


NB: I will be taking a break from running the daily prompts at the end of this week. The next series, and a new theme, will begin on the 1 July 2014.

7 thoughts on “[WR101 Prompt Series] Fictional Fridays' – Prompt #6

  1. Mark Morris says:

    “Welcome back, Captain.”

    “Yes, it’s good to be back.”

    “Did you have a good flight?”

    “Yes. Come here. I don’t want to talk about that. Tell me about your day.”

    “Well, I did lots of things. Is there anything in particular you’d like to hear about?”

    “You know damn well what I meant.”

    “Mmm. Let me think. I did take the twins out today. We played for a while.”

    “Yes. Now I’m interested. Go on.”

    “I knew you’d say that. Okay. We went swimming too. We played in the pool for over an hour. They both loved that.”

    “Yes. Yes. Maybe we could invite them back? Spend some quality time?”

    “I knew you’d say that!”

  2. winterbayne says:

    I am guilty about not checking this when I blog…think I’ll put up a reminder. Especially since I missed out on Featured Fiction.

  3. Cassie says:

    “Welcome back, Captain.” She said as the highball of amber liquid touched her lips.

    “So I see we are sailing the high sea’s with Captain Morgan this evening?” Her husband smiled as he closed the door from the garage shrugging out of his suit jacket.

    Wiggling her eyebrows, “Why you know how I love a pirate on a Friday after work.”

    He laughed and walked behind her and hugged her small frame putting his mouth close to her ear, “Sorry about the promotion, but I say lets go celebrate anyway to spite the bastards, what do you say?”

    “I say, yes. I mean this party of two isn’t much of a party.”

    “Oh lord, don’t tell the Captain that he might get offended!”

    Grinning, “Why do you assume it’s the Captain I’m speaking about?” She turned into his hug and placed the glass on the counter.

    “Funny, Helen you could ruin the nice celebration I had planned.” Pouting lips that were to temping she kissed them.
    Fun! I’m always amazed where prompts take me… 🙂

  4. mbarkersimpson says:

    That’s a nice twist 🙂 I like it! You set the scene well and brought a little light entertainment. Now my glass feels empty without Captain Morgan 😉 Thanks for contributing.

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