Super-charged – Featured Fiction #13

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This week, the suggested theme for the Featured Fiction Prompt series is Fan-Fiction. Thanks to Callum for challenging me to take part. The following is a piece of fan-fiction focusing on Rogue from the X-men (Marvel).


“Rogue, I could use a little help here, Cherie,” Gambit said as he dodged another of Apocalypses’ flying missiles; this time a 1950’s Chevy.

She turned towards the voice, confused by it, and the chaos going on around them. The earth shook beneath her feet and the smell of ash clogged her nose, sealing her confusion.

Images and sounds roared through her head, memories, so many memories, and not her own.

“Gambit could sure use some help about now.”

An arrow of irritation pierced through her brain. That much was recognisable, she thought sourly. Why did he always insist on referring to himself in the third person?

She snapped out of her fugue state just in time to dodge the rain of bricks falling from a third-story building.

Then she was up in the air, flying towards Gambit and plucking him off the ground and away from Apocalypse’s wrath.

She dropped back down just as the others decided to make an appearance. The team was led by Wolverine; he looked feral and ready for a fight. That much she remembered too.

“You okay, kid?” he asked, eyes narrowed as he surveyed the action. His eyes pinned a sheepish looking Gambit. “I thought you might need this.” He threw the staff towards him and turned back to Rogue.

“Look out,” she said and took off to intercept Apocalypse as he charged forward.

She barrelled into him, knocking him off his feet and stunning him momentarily. It was easy to take advantage. He was right there for the taking.


It was too late. She had her hands on his head; skin to skin. The connection was immediate. Power surged through her body as energy wrapped tight around them, making it difficult to breathe.

Images of violence ripped through her, along with a bitter hatred that filled her entire mind. She screamed, the pain of the memories too intense to control.

Behind her, Gambit did the only thing he could. “Hang onto something,” he shouted to the others and slammed his staff into the ground.

She felt the spike of additional energy, felt the ground buckle and shake, and then she was flying into the darkness; into the unknown.

It was a welcome darkness and she sank into it. There were no more images buzzing like a hive of angry bees in her head. She felt nothing, and it was glorious.

Here she was Anna Marie again. She had no powers. She’d taken a cure and she was human. She was free to touch, to love, and to be rid of the guilt that followed her everywhere she went.

It didn’t last. Soon the carousel of images began again. This time, at least the memories were her own. She remembered getting her powers back, of crawling into a pit of self-pity when she realised she would never escape.

She remembered Professor Xavier – his stubborn determination to help her accept who and what she was. It had been working, until she was taken. She could have lived with it, of being away from those she trusted, but she’d been too vulnerable to resist the mind tricks.

The persistent manipulation had led her to Carol Danvers and she could never forget that chance encounter, or the battle that had changed her life forever.

The powers she’d absorbed came with a price tag. Not only were they permanent, they effected the very foundation of who she was. She couldn’t separate herself from Carol, not for long, and it was getting harder and harder to remember who Anna Marie, who Rogue had been.

Xavier had begged her not to engage, warned her not to use her powers when she was not yet in full control of them. But then Remy had goaded her into the fight. Damn Gambit and his ability to get under her skin.

It was only as a means of escape from the madness, which had her opening her eyes and forcing herself towards the light.

“You scared me, Cherie.”

The voice came first, then the image of her tormenter. Gambit towered above her, his grinning face in the centre of her vision.

“Give the girl some room.” Xavier’s voice. She felt relief just to hear it. “How do you feel?” he asked.

“Like knocking that smile off his face,” she said, eyes still on Gambit.

“That’s all the thanks I get for saving the day.” His smile widened. “Don’t I at least deserve a kiss?”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Sure you do,” she said. “Come a little closer.”

Gambit laughed and jumped back. “You’ll live to fight another day, Cherie.”

The response died on her lips when she saw Logan appear in the doorway. “Good to see you up, kid.”

She smiled, and with the help of Xavier sat up. “What happened to Apocalypse?”

“You took the power out of his swing, at least for a while. But he’s the least of our problems.” He turned to Xavier. “I’ve gathered the others,” he said.

“I don’t suppose I can convince you to rest?” Xavier asked her, as he moved across the room.

She could hear the smile in his voice when he answered without waiting for her response. “In that case, let’s go. We have work to do.”

Rogue ignored the hand that Gambit held out for her, and jumped off the medical table. When she followed Logan and Xavier from the room she heard the chuckle of his laugher behind her, and couldn’t help the smile.


I hope you enjoyed my little dally into the genre. I had a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “Super-charged – Featured Fiction #13

  1. callummclaughlin says:

    “She felt nothing, and it was glorious.” – I love this line! You certainly grabbed this challenge by the horns and ran with it. You stayed true to the characters’ natures, as fan-fiction should, but still managed to put your own exciting twist on things – Bravo 🙂

    1. mbarkersimpson says:

      Thank you so much, I’m thrilled you enjoyed it 🙂 I couldn’t have asked for better feedback and I appreciate the fact you gave me a challenge I could sink my teeth into. I’m a huge fan, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned several times! I enjoyed this little trip into the world of Fan-fiction, though I’ll admit it felt strange using characters other than my own – no matter how much I love them 🙂

      1. callummclaughlin says:

        You’re very welcome. I was so impressed not only with the enjoyable story you told but also how you managed to produce something of this standard in such a short space of time; especially given that you aren’t familiar with writing fan-fiction.

        I’ve never written fan-fiction myself but the idea of embodying someone else’s characters and staying true to them is fascinating. 🙂

      2. mbarkersimpson says:

        Thanks 🙂 In all honesty, you couldn’t have chosen a better character for me, and I have a secret crush on Gambit! I’m not sure I could have given any other character (except for Marvel) the justice they deserved. I rarely write anything that I’m happy with first draft, but this came to me quickly – like watching one of the cartoons in my head. It was only afterwards, that I began to feel the guilt of knowing these characters weren’t my own! I also noticed the different influences; from comic, to cartoon, to the film interpretation, which was a useful exercise.

        But I recommend trying it, if only for as a writing tool. It’s good practice for character visualisation, or at least I found it to be. It’s actually one of my bad habits, flicking from character to character. I know you tend to work on one project at a time, where as I flit between projects. I sometimes have to write a scene and delete it before the ‘voice’ is straight in my head!

        Anyway, thanks again 🙂

  2. Cassie says:

    Way to go Melissa, you nailed it! I’m a huge X-Men (any comic book superhero) fan and this was great. As said above, you stayed true to the beloved characters and gave it your own twist but it wasn’t so overwhelming that it kept true to what could have happened. I might have to give this a try myself 🙂 Too fun! Never done a fan-fiction piece, they scare me for that reason of fans who love the stories and characters – but again you nailed it!

    1. mbarkersimpson says:

      Thanks, Cassie. I’m with you on the whole superhero thing, as I’m sure you’ve already gathered!

      I’m overwhelmed too, by your feedback. To say I ‘nailed it’ is high praise indeed, especially from a fan of the genre. I appreciate your support and encouragement, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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