Dean Koontz and his descriptive prowess

Innocence by Dean Koontz

When I was a younger, my two favourite authors were Dean Koontz and Stephen King. I particularly enjoyed their descriptive prowess and hoped to one day try my hand at using similes and metaphors to make scenes vivid and entertaining – just as they do. They always bring the story to life for me. Once I picked up a book, I could never put it down.

They’re still among my favourites, but I realised recently, that I haven’t read anything by Dean Koontz in a few years. I obviously set out to rectify this. I started with Innocence, and intend to work backwards from there (returning to the Odd Thomas books for example).

I wasn’t disappointed in Innocence. I was reminded of how easy it is to get lost in (Dean’s) worlds. His characters are genuine, believable, and extremely likable. I read the book in one sitting, such was my haste to learn their fate. I lapped up every word.

The book is about a lonely young man (Addison), who, by his own definition, is one of the ’hidden’. He lives alone underground, only venturing above when necessary, and only at night. On one of his journeys into the dark, he meets an intriguing young woman and is drawn to her unique nature and the commonalities they share. From the first encounter the bond between them is powerful and unyielding, and what ensues is an adventure that is fast paced, moving and highly entertaining.

He kept me guessing until the very end. Only hinting at the reason for Addison’s seclusion, and the fear and loathing he is subjected to from birth. He adds layers of mystery and suspense, whilst giving a unique insight into the human spirit.

Whether you like, science fiction, thriller, mystery or suspense – this book has it all.

But, be warned. Once you delve into Addison’s world, you won’t be able to leave it until the very end!


Thanks for reading.


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