Happy New Year


Happy New Year!

My new year is off to a flying start. As you know I’ve been looking to continue the momentum I started in November with NaNoWriMo, and take a more collaborative approach to my writing. A fellow author had the idea of co-presenting a site, and even more adventurous, we decided to co-author a story that will take shape online. Laura Josephine Fitzpatrick Adams (I thought I had a long name!),and I have recently started a whole new wordpress site together. Why don’t you check it out? Our joint project has already begun and is beginning to take shape. You’ll find us at http://www.writingroom101.wordpress.com.

I will endeavour to continue posting on my own site too, mainly news on my own projects. I’m still editing Hands of Evil, and will have more information on when this will be published shortly.

I hope your new year writing endeavours are successful.

Until next time

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