Post Celebration Blues

So that’s it. My experience with nanowrimo has come to an end (at least this year). I have to admit, I’m experiencing a few post celebration blues.

Since Saturday, and hurtling over the finish line, I’ve been at a loss. Sure, I had a period of elation; there was a particularly embarrassing happy dance! Then…nothing. No deadline to meet, no sense of focus. I’ve been wandering around like I misplaced something (probably my sanity!).

I’m used to periods of insecurity, even the dark moods; for we artists are a sensitive sort. I’m just not used to this sense of craving for a routine I usually avoid. I’m a free spirit, or so I like to tell myself. I don’t need structure. I write whenever the needs strikes me (which is pretty often). But the fact is, I’ve had a taste of the good stuff – of filling my days with writing and working towards a specific goal. Now that reality has seeped its way back in, it’s taking longer than I thought to reacclimatise myself.

I’ll get there, especially if I dive straight back in. I seem to remember promising a sneak preview a few posts ago!

Taking part in nanowrimo also gave me the focus I needed to post on here because, when I have the chance to write, usually it’s the novel I’m working on. During those time I completely lose myself and neglect the blog. I’ve said before that I find it difficult to imagine people being interested in the day to day process of my writing journey. But I’ll try to check in as often as I can.

Thanks for reading
Until next time

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