It is perfectly…

It is perfectly okay to write garbage—as long as you edit brilliantly.
C. J. Cherryh

The quote seems to mesh well with how I’m approaching the whole nanowrimo experience. I struggled initially, but then I allowed myself to let go and just write. It’s not how I normally do things, but I’m learning that it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

I prevent myself from going back over what I’ve just written, barely even skimming the work to make sure I’m on track. If my eyes were to rest on a group of words too long, my inner editor would break out of her cage and pull me into a pit of self-doubt and recrimination!

Seriously though, it’s liberating. My characters have free reign – they can do what they want and they don’t even have to shout too loud. It’s pouring out of me. I can’t keep up.

That’s not to say that most of it won’t be for the scrap heap. Yet I’m happy to let the story be told and worry about the form when my word counter is flashing fifty thousand precious words. Like I’ve said before, I’m taking the advice of my peers, and sound advice it is.

I don’t care that I have too many alternative universes to count, or that I don’t have a name for them yet. As long as I use the tools at my disposal it will all come together. I have to believe that, because it won’t all be plain sailing.

It’s not as easy as I make it sound. There are other factors to consider, and there will come a time when my metaphorical pen runs out of ink and I’m staring at a blank page and itching to start at the beginning for inspiration, or worse yet, lose myself in another project to avoid failure.

I’ll continue to read inspirational posts from other authors and take from them what I need. I read one today in fact, from an author who wrote 50,000 words in just ten days. And I thought I had problems. They clearly locked themselves inside a writing vault with enough provisions to allow them to eat, drink and sleep the world of their making. Not that it doesn’t sound like fun!

As you can probably determine from this post, my mind is all over the place and I’m buzzing with enthusiasm. Thanks for being with me during the highs and the lows. I promise on my bad days I’ll temper the dramatic edge!

Until tomorrow.

Thanks, as always, for reading.



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